About us

ACCIARIUM is a Company established to satisfy two main purposes:

  • Steelmakers demanding quick answer to cut transformation costs and satisfying environment requirements;
  • Innovating Companies generating outstanding solutions in their core field with the need to get more visibility and awareness into the whole market.


ACCIARIUM creates an Alliance: the ACCIARIUM ALLIANCE where Innovating Companies can match their knowledges and ideas to build up a new stronger “Solution Provider Team” able to better satisfy all Steelmakers’ needs.

The idea of ACCIARIUM come out from the experience and the knowledge developed by experts of Steel-plant sector, that after years of Market follow-up and customer relations, acknowledged how big is the “hidden value” existing inside mid/small size Companies and the “value” generated when it will be released and offered to Steelmakers.


The founder, Mauro Bianchi Ferri counting 25+ years of experience in the sector shaped working by international Companies like Graftech (formerly UCAR Carbon), ABB and, more recently, managing the Steelmaking Area of Tenova (company of Techint Group), together with his Partners identified a group of Companies to create value “growing together”.


ACCIARIUM ALLIANCE is a unique Alliance of Plant Making Companies where Automation, Advanced Process Solutions and Technologies specialists merge their knowledge together. We actively work together with Institutions like the University of Milano (Politecnico), among Metallurgy and Steelmaking Technology Groups, with AIST (American Iron Steel Technology) Association, where Acciarium’s Founder covers since 2017 the role of Chair of the European Chapter and being part of the Board of Directors from 2018, and with AIM (the Italian Association of Metallurgy).


ACCIARIUM has offices in Milan walking distance by Train Central Station and Subway (MM2 and MM3) a perfect location, easily accessible by all transportation mode.