Automation and energy optimization proposals


  • Market scenario in the steelmaking business is today affected by the overcapacity of the installed plants that will decrease, for another few years, the demand of new investment in the competing “arena”.
  • Tailored modernization and automation upgrading of the existing steel plants will however continue to grow.
  • Most of the Mid size Automation and Innovation Companies are acting in the market independently with in-house a significant amount of self-developed knowledge.
  • Requirement from the market:
  • flexible and quick response to their needs;
  • offer of integrated solutions;
  • suggestions for a better energy optimization.


Process Optimization, Energy and Consumables reduction


  • Process Optimization is today the key issue for steelmakers to achieve the best performances of the plant.
  • Steelmakers struggle to obtain the best achievable quality with the lowest transformation cost.
  • Best utilization of the charged raw material is the key to success either for EAF and for BOF steelmaking
  • Enhancing State of the Art Oxy-fuel burners and Oxygen lance technologies together with the best Process Optimization become the key to success for EAF Steel producers.
  • New Tip BOF lance technology providing capability to use Oxygen Post Combustion devices are the newest strategy for BOF.
  • New efficient injection systems for additives, such as Carbon and Lime injection systems, are needed in all state-of-the-art melting processes.

Rationale of “Acciarium Alliance”

The Working Path


  • Serve better the Market were each Alliance Partner become “local”:
  • Creating common “jobs” and react more quickly to Customer demand;
  • Propose more integrated offer to Steelmakers;
  • Provide a new concept in Process Optimization for the full range of Partners’ fields.

  • Further benefit of the Alliance:
  • Jobs and workload can be shared among the Alliance Partners;
  • Greater scale of synergy for Purchasing, Hardware Platform, Engineering and Tools.

AIST European Member Chapter

Chair and Organization

Rationale of “Acciarium Alliance”

The Teamwork









  • “Acciarium Alliance” created a Teamwork of Companies to provide “Tailor-made Solutions” for Customers in:
  • Automation and Process;
  • Technology for Oxy-Fuel Energy addition and Process Optimization.
  • Partner Companies of the Alliance valued a synergic growth working with the other Team Members adding competencies and making use of the “Alliance” network.
  • Customer Steelmakers will find Innovative Solutions to reduce energy and environmental impact using the «thinking» of the “Alliance” Team.
  • Faster and more efficient response to Customer thru the utilization of Partners’ local plants and offices.
  • Alliance Partners provide solutions either in EAF and BOF Processes.